TEB Edukacja sp. z o.o. – Poland

TEB Education sp. z o.o. had been founded in 1994 and currently operates branches in 45 cities in Poland and offers training in post-secondary schools, medical techniques, in secondary schools for adults and for youth, high school language school, and also in the form of courses and training and qualifying professional courses (LCO).


Training is given in many professions, including the IT technician, veterinary technician, dental technician, dental assistant, dental hygienist, massage technician, therapist.


We have a net of private schools in 45 cities in Poland. The headquarter is located in Poznan and most of the processes is managed centrally. First of all, they are vocational schools (two types of them here in Poland – depending on the chosen profession) + gymnasium and secondary school.

We are third biggest network of post-secondary schools in Poland.

We have a variety of professions each year offers to our target group, but not all of them are being chosen by our students.

The most popular are: IT, cosmetics, hairdresser, vet, medical care person, masseur, administration, dental assistant, computer graphic, photo technician, photographer, pharmacist and many more.