Chambre de metiers et de l’artisanat du Rhone – France

Located in Lyon, the Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat du Rhône (CMA69) has three sub-branches in addition to its headquarter, with a total amount of 100 employees.

The mission of the CMA69 consists of

– Interfacing with the State, the Region, the Department, and local elected representatives.

– Managing the tradesman directory and the company formalities centre (CFE).

– Managing apprenticeship organisation in the trade sector.

– Organising the initial and compulsory training of future tradesmen together with training at


– Advising and supports companies in creation, management, development and hand-over

CMA69 has been involved for many years in European programs and transfers its practices in the training results of programs. CMA69 seeks to establish a services proposition through its platform of services to company manager, employees, creators and corporate buyer, project sponsors, apprentices and local authorities.