Riga art and media school – Latvia

Riga Art and Media School was founded in 1989 as a Riga School of Arts and Crafts. At the moment about 850 students are studying here Design, Art and Crafts – Wood, Metal, Textile, Interior and Advertising Design, Decorative Form Design, Graphics Design, Multimedia, Animation, Photo and Audio Visual Design. Total number of teachers and staff- 100. The goal of the School is to prepare young people for successful entering the labour market and acquiring further education. The school has developed its own education programmes to provide the students with secondary education, comprehensive practical work experience and the opportunity to specialize in certain branches of Design, Art and Crafts. Every year students are enrolled in following departments:

Visual Design  Department

  •    Interior Design Specialist
  •    Visual Advertising Design Specialist
  •    Design Specialist of Decorative Forms
  •    Environmental Design Specialist                                                                                                  

Textile and Leather Art Department

  •    Textile Design Specialist
  •    Clothing Design Specialist
  •    Leatherware Design Specialist                                                                                               

Woodworks Processing and Metal Art Department

  •    Period Cabinet Maker
  •    Metalware Performer                                                                                                                 

Media Art  Department

  •    Multimedia Design Specialist (WEB design)
  •    Multimedia Design Specialist (Animation)
  •    Video operator
  •    Photo Design specialist